July 2019

See you Later, Eric, Jenn, Grace, Ben, and Abby.  We love you.

Dear Church Family,

What can I say about these last 5 years? I knew this day would come but now that’s it here I find myself putting my heart into the words I would like to say. Before I do that let’s get down to business first!

VBS: I can honestly say I don’t think we have ever had one like this! It was great but almost surreal with the weather and all the little things that satan tried to do to tank us but failed!! When Life Changes God is Good!! And He is, He was so faithful this week in the way everything worked out! We had a total of 59 kids registered with 55 kids who attended, and I think everyone can say they thoroughly loved watching and loving on each of these kids. We reached families through every form of advertising that we sent: social media,
post cards & the door hangers! We had new families come from the neighborhood, from Buckroe Pointe and even from military housing across town which is amazing compared to our previous VBS weeks! We will be following up with these families in the coming weeks and inviting them to TeamKid. We really had a great time interacting with the families this year. A handful of parents stayed during VBS and we really enjoyed getting to know them.

I cannot say thank you enough to everyone who gave their time for VBS volunteering, decorating, praying and donating. It was very much a team effort and we could not have done what we did this year without you!

We will be taking the month of July off for Children’s Church, so watch for dates for it to return in August. TeamKid has had a great start with 15 kids the first two weeks which is a great way to start off!

For those of you who don’t know, Jamie Starr will be filling in as Interim Children’s Ministry Director. I know she will do a wonderful job.  She loves the Lord and has a servant’s heart for children so love her like you have loved me and lift her up in prayer with me as she takes on this adventure.  Additionally, please give her grace as she is learning; she is not me and that’s ok.  She will do things differently, but I know she will be great allowed me the opportunity of a lifetime.

So here we are. As I write this last note to you, words cannot express how much you all mean to me. You have loved me, guided me, loved my children and my husband and allowed me the opportunity of a lifetime. I can honestly say I am not the same person who graced the doors of Restoration Church 5 years ago and that, dear family, is the direct result of the love, grace, friendship and godly teaching this church has provided me with. I know God has great plans for this body and this ministry as you go forward in the coming months and years and I look forward to hearing all about it from you. Thank you, thank you, thank you for allowing me the privilege of leading your children through this ministry. There was so much more I wanted to do but God has not called me to that. We are on to a new adventure that I have always looked forward to but now that it’s here it’s so hard to go and this is a direct reflection of the love you have all provided to me and my family! So as my father in-law always says, I don’t say goodbye because that’s too permanent but see you later. So I will end this letter with see you later because I know I will see you all again!  So I will end this letter with see you later because I know I will see you all again!

My deepest love and sincere thanks,

Jenn Bullard

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